Trump’s airborne message in Houston deflates upon impact


Ahead of the presidential candidates taking the stage at 7 p.m., the Trump campaign has hired a plane to fly around the debate venue at Texas Southern University in Houston with a banner that screams, “Socialism will kill Houston’s economy!”  

The president’s insertion into the day-long press coverage of the Democratic candidates isn’t surprising. What’s interesting about the ad strategy is that it’s happening in Texas.

As ABC News reported, the president’s campaign has done the message-in-the-sky move over Labor Day, where he “targeted beaches in key swing states with airborne banners.” 

This appears to be another tacit admission from Team Trump that the Lone Star State is a swing state. His campaign spokesperson admitted as much on FOX News in June.  

As for Trump’s airborne virus of a message about the economy, Democrats have been running Houston for a few years now. In July, Houston Public Media reported that “Houston’s economy [is] booming as US economy shows signs of weakness.”

Photo: Sarah Taqvi/ The Texas Signal

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