Trump’s approval rating has dropped 20 points in Texas since taking office


Texans are steadily losing their appetite for Donald Trump, recent polling shows.

A poll released by Texas Lyceum on Wednesday shows 52 percent of Texans disapproving of Trump’s job performance compared to 47 percent who approve. It’s just one of several polls in recent months that has been delivering bad news for Trump in the Lone Star State.

Regular monthly polling from Morning Consult shows that since taking office, the president’s net approval rating in Texas has dropped 20 points. 

Trump started his term with a 20-point difference among his detractors and supporters, with 54 percent of Texans approving of the president and 34 percent disapproving, according to Morning Consult. That gap has now narrowed to zero, with both his respective approval and disapproval ratings in dead-heat. 

The highest drop in Trump’s approval ratings came after his first few months in office, as his post-election honeymoon phase steadily wore off. Since August 2017, the gap between his approval and disapproval ratings has remained in the single digits. That gap grew even smaller as House Democrats moved to impeach the president at the end of last year.

Photo: Loren Elliott/Getty Images

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