Tune in to our coverage of the Democratic presidential debates


Let the games begin.

On Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm central, 20 Democratic candidates for president will be debating in Miami. Both Texans, Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro, are paired together the first night, with those leading in the polls – Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren – on the second night.

Tune in here on Facebook for The Texas Signal’s livestream post-debate discussion at 10pm central. We’ll he hearing from a diverse set of guests from around the state in a lively Texas-centric discussion.  

 What we’ll be discussing:

What are the candidates’ plans on the economy, health care, education, climate change, and more?

Are they tough enough to beat Trump?

How did the moderators do? Is the press behaving, or are the chasing ratings by focusing on Trump during a Democratic primary debate? 

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