What you need to know about the NRA moving to Texas

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Gun violence, Politics

Now that the NRA is filing for (financial) bankruptcy and facing litigation from the state of New York, they’ve decided to move to Texas. Here’s what you need to know about the NRA coming to the Lone Star State. 

The NRA is in serious trouble 

As mentioned above, New York attorney general Letitia James has filed a lawsuit against the NRA, seeking to dissolve the organization. After an 18-month investigation, James is alleging that CEO Wayne Lapierre and other senior executives diverted millions of dollars meant for the nonprofit into their own pockets.

As if the leadership stealing tens of millions isn’t enough, the legal battles facing the NRA have taken a financial toll. The NRA’s legal troubles have reportedly cost the organization $100 million.   

The move is more legal than physical

While the NRA has been chartered in New York since 1871, the organization’s physical headquarters along with most of its staff are located in Fairfax, Virginia. Thus, the decision to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy and “move” to Texas appears to be more of a ploy to escape their aforementioned legal troubles in New York rather than a physical relocation. Experts say that the NRA hopes to use the bankruptcy to freeze the lawsuit and then have their case play out in a Texas court, which the organization believes would be friendlier than the New York courts. 

 As of now the NRA has said it does not plan to move its headquarters in the near term, but is considering all options. 

“Moving” to Texas won’t save the NRA

The NRA’s attempt at legal jiu jitsu has failed for now. On Thursday, a judge ruled that New York’s lawsuit against the NRA can move forward. As James’ lawsuit involves the state’s regulatory and enforcement powers, the normal freeze on lawsuits that accompany bankruptcies does not apply in this case. The New York attorney general’s office hopes to bring the case to trial by early 2022. 

Gun safety activists in Texas are ready 

While the NRA’s move to the Lone Star State has not protected it from legal woes, they may also find that the state overall is not as friendly to them as they think. Polls indicate that most Texans support common sense reforms and gun safety groups have been steadily investing in Texas. 

“I am not surprised that the NRA is moving Texas, as the GOP leadership have worked for years to weaken gun laws across the state,” says gun safety advocate Rhonda Hart.  “Thankfully we have a fresh batch of volunteers and gun sense candidates ready and working to bring gun safety laws to Texas. The majority of us are tired of the ‘thoughts and prayers’ trope and we’ll be changing it!”

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