June 4, 2023

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A Brief History Of Pride In Texas

A Brief History Of Pride In Texas

This was originally posted two years ago. Now, as attacks on LGBTQ+ Texans have intensified to dangerous and frightening levels from the rightwing, we wanted to re-share the long and mighty history of Pride in the Lone Star State. With many cities kicking off their...

DACA Back In The Courts

DACA Back In The Courts

The long and winding legal wrangling over DACA continues tomorrow in Texas. However, it's most notable antagonist, Attorney General Ken Paxton won’t be there after he was impeached and suspended from duties. On June 1, Judge Andrew Hanen will hear oral arguments in...

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The right’s growing grooming problem

The right’s growing grooming problem

For years, some of the most powerful figures in Texas politics have led a fight to vilify LGBTQ Texans and create artificial divisions in communities across the state. From attempting to ban popular drag shows to more startling efforts to outlaw health care options...

The Texas GOP’s darling: Jeff Younger

The Texas GOP’s darling: Jeff Younger

Jeff Younger is not a household name for most Texans, but he has been a dominant figure in Texas Republican politics over the last three years. He has built a prominent profile within the Texas GOP and was a catalyst in the effort to pass discriminatory legislation...