September 29, 2022

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Voting While Innocent: Dallas County Must Do Better

Voting While Innocent: Dallas County Must Do Better

As an elected leader, our highest duty, and what we take an oath to do, is to protect the constitutional rights and freedoms of our constituents. One of the most fundamental of these is the right to vote. Most Texans agree that voting should be safe, easy, and...

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Musings: Broken

Musings: Broken

I just want to state for the record up top that this is an opinion piece, and I’m speaking for myself. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my career in politics everything you have to give up to help people get elected to do big things for people, and I can...

Texas: a confederacy of COVID dunces

Texas: a confederacy of COVID dunces

Last Sunday, my fiancée and I were celebrating our recent engagement with a weekend stay out in the Texas Hill Country. It was a special moment for us: Despite nixing plans to visit her family (where I’d originally planned to propose) due to the surging Delta variant,...